DBI-SALA® NoWorries™

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NoWorries™ double stop descender, anodized gold aluminum, suits 10.5-12mm rope

  • Reversible manually controlled descent and rescue device
  • Multi-function design for added versatility
  • Two person rescue loads rated up to 300kg
  • Auto stop/anti-panic grab descent mechanism
  • Soft-lock capability for added protection
  • High-capacity belay functionality
  • Suits 10.5-12mm kernmantle rope
  • Inline bobbin design
  • High strength aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Unique toothless cam designed for pure friction control

Born in the mines, raised on drilling rigs – rescue products made for work, not play. 3M™ Rollgliss™ rescue family of products are built to last and excel in harsh environments, ensuring the safety and security of those individuals risking their lives to protect us. The NoWorries™ Double Stop Descender is a reversible descent control device that climbs as easily as it descends. The descender connects between the users harness and rope line, and is designed to regulate friction and control the descent when a climber is descending on an anchored rope. The handle allows the user to control their speed and position themselves at any point on the rope, providing a comfortable and smooth action on the rope, greater control and added protection.