Haix Protector Ultra 2.0 GTX – Lime Green

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Maximum safety when working in the precinct

The puncture-resistant sole of the Protector Ultra 2.0 GTX protects your feet from sharp objects.

Certified cut protection level 2

Your Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green meets the cut protection class Level 2. This means your feet are safe from chainsaw cuts at a running speed of up to 24m/s.

Puncture-resistant thanks to protective sole (metal free)

The textile penetration protection of the Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green offers your feet the necessary protection, for example, when stepping on sharp-edged objects.

Shockproof thanks to Protective steel toe cap

The integrity of your feet is essential. The Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green therefore features a protective cap made of shock-resistant steel. The Protective steel toe cap is anatomically shaped and meets the highest safety requirements.

Optional: GRIP + SPIKES

Get even more out of your Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green with the optional Grip + Spikes accessory. The metal spikes for self-mounting provide optimum grip in the forest and additional hold on tree trunks.

Waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX®

Your feet stay dry and you stay healthy because the Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green is permanently waterproof and extremely breathable. This is ensured by the three-layer GORE-TEX® membrane throughout the lining of the Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green.

Optimal hold thanks to 2-zone lacing

The Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green adapts perfectly to your foot in both the instep and the shaft area, so that it offers you optimal support. This is ensured by 2-Zone Lacing, an innovative 2-zone lacing system for foot and upper.

Breathable with Climate System

In the Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green your foot can breathe, because a special foam system ensures that the air circulates in the shoe and moisture can escape. The Climate System works like an air conditioning system in a shoe.

Precise fit thanks to special lasts

The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your Protector Ultra 2.0 lime-green fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.