Silky Ultra Accel TAIKO 24cm Reverse Curve Folding Saw

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The Silky Ultra Accel TAIKO 24cm Reverse Curve Folding Saw is designed for general carpentry.   It is very unique as it has a convex blade for maximum clearance whilst cutting.

It has a tooth style for cutting hard timbers with ease. The blade is taper-ground that to reduce friction when cutting. This allows the cutting stroke to feel very easy and fast.

The teeth are non-set and are what Silky calls a “Mirai-Me” tooth style. The tooth shape creates a very smooth cut in a cross, slant, and rip cut.

There are 10 teeth per 30mm.  The tips of the teeth are impulse-hardened, leaving the blade flexible but the teeth very sharp and long-lasting. The blades are laser cut from a high-carbon steel which is a very strong steel and quite flexible. This is very important in a handsaw. The blades also have a special coating to give them some protection.

The Ultra Accel-Taiko blade has two settings. The first is a standard saw-blade angle and the second has the blade pointing into the air. This angle allows you to cut on a flat surface very easily.

The handle has a rubber jacket which is made out of a special rubber designed by Silky Japan.  It is called GOM and it is extremely comfortable to hold. It absorbs a lot of the vibrations you get when cutting and it allows you to have a very good grip, even when your hands are damp. All parts are replaceable, so if you lose anything you can order replacement parts, i.e. screws, blades, handles.