What does klettersteig mean?

What does klettersteig mean?

Klettersteig is German for 'climbing path' and refers to something more commonly known as Via Ferrata.

Via Ferrata is Italian for 'iron path' and refers to a style of protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations.

The essence of a modern via ferrata is a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically (every 1 to 10 metres) fixed to the rock. Using a via ferrata kit, climbers can secure themselves to the cable, limiting any fall.

Kletterstieg karabiners are large opening biners with a large internal volume that we designed to be easy to clip on and off the Via Ferrata cables climbers use for protection.

Their large gate opening and internal volume has made them very popular with anyone creating rigging systems (e.g. arborists, rope access technicians, rescue professionals and outdoor instructors) 

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For more information on Via Ferratas/Klettersteigs visit the Wikipedia page HERE. Lots of interesting history.

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