About Us

The Rogelja family are pioneers of the industry having started Single Rope Technique Equipment over 40 years ago. Having designed and manufactured gear in Australia for the heights safety and arborist industries, SRTE were the go-to-place for the best gear and advice.

Luke Rogelja continued the legacy having started LRV8 in 2011 to supply equipment for arborists, industrial rope access and rescue services.

LRV8 continues to design products that are used by arborists throughout the world. Our LRV8 range and gear sourced from throughout the world means we don’t just sell gear, we supply solutions for all your needs.

We will happily provide advice and gladly listen to your product needs and feedback.

Mission: We are different from any other company out there because we don’t need you to be a retailer to buy from us, we will happily sell direct. We also have the ability to customise a solution for you. If you need something that isn’t available on the market and we can think of a way to do it, then we will create a customised solution.

Luke and the team will help with all of your equipment needs.