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The Cocoon 5 redirect pulley has a unique design especially the ingenious closure of the cap nut. Dyneema slings, rope slings or the RopeGuide’s ZipAbsorber disappear inside the pulley and are secured with a pin. Only the cap nut has to be tightened with little power. No tools are needed.
If the cap nut still releases, a black O ring provides enough resistance to prevent further releasing. In the extremely improbable case of further release, a yellow or red signal ring appears, which indicates that the cap nut is not tightened. This mechanism and the high safety margins are well-tried.
Because of the four bores for the bearing pin, the Cocoon 5 can be mounted with a twist of 90 . This is especially important for use with the RopeGuide: Not only with the SpiderJack 3 the rope lines run consecutively instead of side by side, as it is the case with the LockJack for example.
Climbers interested in the sophisticated mechanics of the Cocoon 5 can view a 3D animation on The Cocoon 5 is used with textile ropes according to EN 1891 with a diameter up to 14 mm.

Cocoon 5 features:

  • pulley for personal protection
  • tested and certified for PPE according to EN 12278
  • for textile ropes according to EN 1891 up to 14 mm
  • installation of rope or webbing slings without tools or carabiner
  • body, bearings and cap nut made of aluminium machined in the solid
  • roller is equipped with 2 encapsuled, high quality SKF ball bearings
  • smallest redirect diameter 30 mm
  • service life: 10 years
  • tested: 24 kN/3 Min.
  • breaking load: 28 kN
  • weight: 177 g
  • Rope is an 8mm double-braid twin strand, 50% Technora, 50% Polyester with 12 strand 100% polyester core