Cobra Bracing System - 2T Kit

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The 15-piece complete unit cobra 2t contains sufficient material for 5 dynamic breakages. Only scissors are required for installation (sold separately). According to ZTV Baumpflege, cobra 2t is suitable as a dynamic breakage protection of branches / stemmed rings with a diameter up to 40 cm. The required minimum system breaking load of 2 t is guaranteed for a full 12 years.
Without a shock absorber, cobra 2t according to ZTV Baumpflege can also be used as a support / retention device for branches / logs with a diameter of up to 30 cm.
Kit Contents

  • 100m of Cobra Rope – 2t
  • 30 x Endcap – 2t
  • 14 x Expansion Insert Small (60cm)
  • 10 x Expansion Insert Medium (80cm)
  • 6 x Expansion Insert Large (100cm)
  • 20m of Anti-Abrasion Hose
  • 15 x Shock-Absorber
  • 1 x Mini-Blow torch
  • 1x Manual