Courant Hulk - Arborist Lowering Device

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By using the 4 sheaves in different setup you can quickly change the amount of friction related to your job requirements so you have a very wide range
of load coverage starting from 10 up to 500 kg.

Weight: 4.400 kg

The Hulk floating lowering device is a new and innovative piece of equipment that will further improve your lowering capabilities in simple or more complex situations, where it also has a positive effect on the lifetime of your lowering ropes. it’s very simple and intuitive to use and thanks to the four adjustable & replaceable aluminium sheaves it provides a smooth and controlled descent of medium to more heavy branches and logs where rope twist and ‘rope against rope’ wear is a thing of the past.

Résistance à la rupture: 25 kN
Charge Maximum d'utilisation : 5 kN
Poids : 4.3 kg
Diamètre de corde : 14 mm