Harken Ninja Foot Ascender

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See Notch Jet Step - https://lrv8.com.au/products/notch-jet-step

Designed by Harken and rebranded as Jet Step.

Climbing rope has never been easier. The boot-mounted Ninja™ Foot Ascender from Harken Industrial™ is lightweight and durable. The housing is aluminum while the rope-holding dual cams are stainless steel. Foot ascenders use your body’s largest muscle group to ascend a rope easily and quickly.

The Ninja has a maximum working load of 150 kg (330 lb) and can handle rope of up to 13 mm (1/2″). The Ninja is designed with lower spring force for the least rope drag of any available foot ascender. This means that there is a smoother and easier take off without having to counterweight the rope or reach down to pull the rope through the unit. The result? Increased worker productivity