Kiwi Klimbers Spikescender

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Designed by NZ climber Dale Thomas, the Spikescender is essentially a foot ascender that mounts directly to your existing Gecko spurs.  It beats trying to run a pantin or similar foot ascender under your spurs.  It can be used to give a helping hand (or should I say foot!) in both DdRT, but really comes into it's own for SRT use.  

It has been fine tuned to have a very lightly sprung cam that tends very freely up the rope.  This helps prevent rope "pooling" above the ascender - one of the causes of the frustrating kick out you might experience with some foot ascenders. 

  • Milled from Aircraft Grade Aluminium
  • Titanium Cam
  • Suits 11.0 - 12.7mm ropes
  • Fits Distel Gecko spurs - Carbon or Alloy
  • Right foot or Left foot.
  • Optional Spacer with or without eyelet for Haas attachment