LRV8 Notch ISC Speedline Kit

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The LRV8 Notch ISC Speedline Kit can make your job quick and easy.  If you haven't tried before, you'll want to! Available with the Notch Triple Action and ISC Double Action Snap Hooks.

With this kit and rope, you can start zipping pieces directly to the chipper truck, saving time and effort.  

The Notch Triple Action Snaphook has a quick and secure opening and closing action thanks to the unique triple-action gate.

The SH908 Double-action Snaphook is fitted with an opening mechanism which requires the gate and second-action keeper to be engaged simultaneously, in order to open the device. This opening sequence helps to reduce the risk of unintentional opening of the gate. The SH908 has a ‘keylock’ anti-snag nose. The three distinct actions used to open the gate are designed to operate quickly and without locking up, and the hot-forged aluminum body can withstand a full 30kN load.

  • Notch Triple Action Snap Hook 54650
  • Singing Rock Sling 60cm

Available - 3 x 60cm, 6 x 60cm, 8 x 60cm