LRV8 P3Ta 120kN Swing Cheek Pulley

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The Original SRTE P3Ta Pulley Just Better.

Our big, high load, workhorse swing cheek pulley has just gotten bigger, not in size but in strength. Going from a 80kN pulley to a whopping 120kN.  The NEW 120kN Pulley has a MBS of 120kN and a Safe Working Load of 24kN. Compact and light enough to live in a kit bag but built tough to last. It’s a tried and tested design that’s earned its reputation for durability over the past 30 years.

Swing cheek construction allows opening the pulley to facilitate loading rope without threading from the end.

Attachment point loads connectors correctly.

We use stainless steel for the axle because it can’t be inspected so we need to be sure it’s corrosion proof. It’s riveted to be tamper proof and to ensure it can’t come apart in use.

The self lubricating sintered bronze bushing is again corrosion proof as well as stronger and more robust than the ball bearings our competitors use.


Product Code - P3Ta

Colour - Gold

Individual Serial Number – yes

MBS - 120kN

WLL - 24kN

Max. Rope Diameter - 24mm