Notch TriTech Flipline with Triple Action Snap

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The Notch TriTech Flipline with Triple Action Snap is based on Sterling TriTech - which was designed specifically to be the best rope for positioning lanyards. With the unique Technora sheath, Dyneema inner jacket, and nylon core, TriTech is cut-resistant and rugged, yet still supple enough for easy positioning. The sewn-in Notch Triple Action Snap pairs well with TriTech with its unique triple-action gate, providing a secure and speedy attachment every time.

Diameter: 11mm

Lanyard MBS: 33kN

Lanyard MBS (Eye): 23kN

Snap Gate Opening: 20mm

Snap MBS: 30kN (6,744 lbf)

  • Notch snap hook has a unique triple action gateway for increased safety
  • Secure sewn eyes
  • Sterling TriTech rope for the closest you can get to a wire-core lanyard

7/16 in (11 mm)
0.78 in (20 mm)