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The PROTOS® Integral Bluetooth guarantees interference-free communication. Due to Bluetooth® technology, the connection is not affected by radio control or similar and this with a range up to 150m between 2 units and up to 600m between 4 units. The microphone attenuates background noise and enables clear communication.

Thanks to a single multi-function button and two volume buttons, the PROTOS Bluetooth® communication system can be easily operated with just one finger. The whole technology is built into the ear muff, whereby the absence of cables guarantees an unrestricted freedom of movement. Through the included USB loading bracket, the BT-COM can be recharged easily at any USB port.


  • Up to 4 users
  • Range up to 150m between 2 units and up to 600 meters between 4 units
  • Interference-free communication
  • Total weight only 42g – including accumulator
  • No cables and no connectors
  • Connection to mobile phone possible
  • Microphone with ambient noise suppression
  • Most easy handling
  • Park position remains unlimited
  • 9 different colour options

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