Skylotec Ringo

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This unique tiny personal ascender device is a perfect aid for rope ascent and any type of pulling rope. It is placed like a ring on the middle finger and provides extra grip and strength during dragging and hauling operations - for highest efficiency.

For rope diameters from 8 to 13 mm.

  • The finger slot is equipped with a spring that provides stability while in use. -The spring opens immediately if the finger gets caught.
  • Made of 100 % stainless steel
  • Suitable for rope diameters from 8.0 to 13 mm

ART. NO. H-205
EAN 4030281286691
E-CLASS NUMBER 40-02-01-90
AREA OF APPLICATION Arborists, Confined Spaces, Facade / Window Cleaning, Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces, Rope Access / Rigging
CUSTOMS NO. 84798997
SIZE 18 x 40 x 70 mm
WEIGHT 0,05 kg
MATERIAL Stainless Steel