Smart Winch Lowering Device Friction Drum Smartwinch

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Another great tree care tool that was developed basically on location. Steven Ibelings from the Netherlands conceived the SmartWinch according to his own experience and came up with a very solidly produced innovative product. The SmartWinch represents the ideal combination of bollard and winch and turns out exceptionally strong and versatile alike. Basically the bollard serves as a housing for the winch, which makes for a larger diameter but this serves somehow an almost kinkless coiling. Both bollard and winch alike can be used independently of each other. Once installed there is no more need for tool change. The SmartWinch delivers all the power you need. This somehow shows on the pricetag but the proud first users of this device are all enthusiastic about their investment. The SmartWinch is definitely worth its price! All Parts including screws and springs are made of corrosion resistant steel (RVS 304).

  • Safe Work Load (SWL): 7 kN,
  • min breaking strength: 70 kN